Demolition Derby Life at Sanfilippo Smash III

The Chrysler bumper pictured alongside one of the many relic cars headed to Sanfilippo Smash III on October 6th.

On October 6, 2018 Spinning Wheels Productions will be hosting it’s third annual Sanfilippo Smash in Morris New York. The show is set to feature over 300 cars running in the economy v8, compact, queens clash, trucks, two man extreme, and the highly anticipated relic class. All proceeds from the show will be donated to a charity for those battling the Sanfilippo disease and their families. Admission to the show is $10 and the event begins at 12pm. There will be a number of raffle giveaways during the event including a clean Chrysler pointy bumper donated by Demolition Derby Life. For more information on the event or to learn how you can support the cause visit the Spinning Wheels Production website.



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