About Demolition Derby Life

Established in 2016, Demolition Derby Life was created by a group of diehard derby fans looking to connect derby enthusiasts across the country. While DDL started out as just an idea often discussed on Sunday afternoons spent working on the latest build, it has turned into a prominent company in the derby community and continues to grow every day. As derby enthusiasts we noticed a single problem within the entire derby community, the lack of organization of information. We created our company with the sole purpose of establishing one place where drivers can fulfill all of their derby needs. Whether you are looking for your next show, buying your next build, seeking advice from fellow drivers, or just looking to explore the derby community Demolition Derby Life is here to provide you with everything you need to be the ultimate derby enthusiast.

About the Demolition Derby

While the exact origin of the demolition derby is unknown, the sport is believed to have first started in the 1950’s. Over the years the sport has drastically changed as our technology advances. However, the one thing that has not changed is thrill of sitting behind the wheel and taking on your opponents, crushing cars one by one. The concept of the derby is simple…be the last car running. Depending on the class drivers will build their cars to a specific set of rules set by the show’s promotor. Then, they will go head to head with others similar to their own until they are the last car left running. Some shows choose to have qualifying heats and then a final feature event or just have “one and done” heats. The derby has grown over the years from just wrecking cars to using lawnmowers, school buses, combines, motorcycles, and even power wheels for the youngest of derby drivers.